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Monday 8th February


This week in maths we are thinking about length and height.


Lesson One-  To compare lengths and heights of objects

Daily Ten Link- Level 1, ordering greatest to smallest. How fast can you answer?


English- To box up a recycled set of instructions

In this lesson, we will be boxing up a recycled set of instructions, showing the overall structure and the purpose of each section.



This week we are focusing on phase 5 tricky words. 


Phase 5 tricky words

Tricky word spotter activity


What is North America like?

In this lesson we are going to be virtually flying to North America, which is the third largest continent. First we will be filling our brains with facts about the population and how many countries are in North America. We will be looking at the second largest island which is in North America, called Greenland. There are lots of different languages and animals in the continent, we will be learning all about them. Finally, we will be studying some different places in North America that you might not have heard of before!

Lesson Link