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George Stephenson Learning Community

 George Stephenson Learning Community

‘Leave no child behind’


The headteachers and staff of local cluster schools have worked together informally for many years. Over the last few years our cooperation / collaboration with Tupton Hall Secondary School and the other primary schools in the cluster has become ever closer and we have been working together on a number of issues which affect all of our schools.


We have made our cooperation more formal and formed the George Stephenson Learning Community.

The schools in the community have organised a number of joint projects offering enrichment activities for children, shared information on best practice and looked for ways to strengthen transition between primary and secondary school. We aim to continue to strengthen and further develop our collaboration in the future.


Our Vision
To provide as many opportunities to ensure the development of the whole child and to enable them to achieve their full potential.

Our Aims

  • To maximise the outcomes for all children
  •  To support each other and share expertise
  •  To develop and improve the quality of teaching across the trust
  •  To create a supportive and collaborative community that promotes the professional development of all stakeholders
  •  To drive improvement in all our schools and to create a culture of collective responsibility
  •  Creatively use the economies of scale to achieve cost effective services that include training and development






To find out more about George Stephenson, follow this link.