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Who's who

Meet the staff at our school:


              Mrs S Kavanagh (EYFS lead, Designated Safeguarding Lead - DSL)


      Deputy Headteacher 

              Mrs A Harris (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - DDSL)

      Classroom Teachers

               Year 6              Mrs A Harris (SENDCO) & Mrs C Murphy
               Year 5              Miss I Bailey (English and Music Lead)
               Year 4              Miss Matthews (ICT)
               Year 3              Mrs T Watkinson (PE, Geog, Hist and Science Lead)
               Year 2              Mrs S Cook (Maths Lead & DDSL)
               Year 1              Mrs M Gavan/Mrs C Kelly  (ICT and Art Lead)
               Reception         Mrs L Reeve/Mrs H Fidler (RE and PHSE/DT)

      Learning Mentor  


              Mrs C Ellis (Pastoral Support and HLTA)

      Teaching Assistants

               Year 6              Mrs E Bushnell 

               Year 5              Mrs S Clarke & Ms K Clarke
               Year 4              Mrs M Goodwin
               Year 3              Miss R Smallwood 
               Year 2              Mrs J Sanderson & Mrs T Jackson
               Year 1              Mrs T Millward/ Mrs B Jackson
               Reception         Mrs H Mosley

               Swimming        Mr Mark Ratcliffe


      School Business Officers                       

                         Mrs L Fletcher
                         Mrs J Holmes

      Kitchen       Mrs J Swift (Catering Supervisor)
Miss H Swift

                         Mrs Melanie Wilson


      ICT Technician

                         Mr I Kerry

      Midday Supervisors    


                           Mrs S Clarke            Mrs V Westbury
                           Mrs M Pearson         Mrs B Jackson
                           Mrs T Jackson          Miss R Smallwood (Lead)

                           Mrs V Monk                        
    School Crossing     Mrs G Scoffings     


      Site Team              Mr K Arnold (Relief Caretaker),  Mrs J Bass (Cleaner)