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Wednesday 6th January


Daily Ten-  Level one and then free choice.



Add ones using number bonds 

Please follow the maths link below for the video and activities.

Maths Link





Tuesday 5th January

Please follow the link for today's maths lesson on addition.  

Lesson 1 


Maths activity

Thursday 3rd December


Daily 10 - free choice for you today.  Can you try a faster speed today I wonder?


Then we're working on finding a part today...


Video link

Wednesday 2nd December


Today in maths we are looking at addition using number bonds.


Video Link

Activity Link

Answers Link


Daily Ten- Level 1, addition, number bonds to 10.


Daily Ten Link


Well done everyone.

Tuesday 1st December

Please find the links for today's maths lesson on addition.


Video Link

Activity Link



Daily Ten


Please follow the link and then choose level one, addition and bonds to 10.


Activity Link


Monday 30th November


Today's Maths is comparing number bonds.


Video Link

Activity Link

Answers Link


Daily Ten


Here is the link today's daily ten.  Please follow the link below

Daily Ten Link- level 1,  addition, bonds to make 10.  


Please message me if you have any problems. 



Friday 27th November

Systematic number bonds today folks.  You've all been working so hard with your number bonds this week - I reckon you'll smash this one today.  I've added an extension task too if you fancy a challenge.


Video link here



Thursday 26th November


Daily Ten


I think yesterdays Daily Ten was quite a jump up - if you were happy working with those types of questions, super stuff and keep going with that.  If you found it a little too challenging for now, step it back a level to where you were before but try working on a quicker speed setting.


We're then moving on to number bonds within ten...


Video Link


...and your sheets to work on are below.  I've attached the answers so you can mark it at home with your grown up.  For those of you comfortable with these number bonds now, I've added a little extension activity for you to try!

Wednesday 25th November


Daily Ten


If you are finding subtraction to 20 okay how about trying missing numbers to 20.  Here is the link:


Daily Ten Link




Today in maths we are looking at fact families- addition facts. Follow the link for the video, activities and answers below.


Video Link

Activity Link

Answers Link


Please post your work on Class Dojo so I can add your points.

Tuesday 24th November


Daily 10-  We will continue working on subtraction- Level 1, subtraction, up to 10 or 20.


Daily 10 Link


Maths Activity- Part-whole model


Here is the link for the maths video, activity and answers.


Maths Video

Maths activity sheet

Maths answers


Please message me if you have any problems.  

Monday 23rd November


If you cannot print out at home, it's not a problem-just answer the questions into your 'Home Learning' book.  I will include the answers for each day for you to self mark your work.  Upload a photo of your work  onto Class Dojo so I can see how you got on.


Daily Ten


Please follow the link to complete your daily 10.  Please select level 1, subtraction, up to 20  (if this is difficult try up to 10). Post a photo of your answers and score onto Class Dojo and I will add your Dojo points.


Daily 10


This week we are revisiting addition and subtraction. The lesson today is introducing parts and wholes.  Please follow the links below:


Link for video


The sheet and answers are added below.


Please upload your work onto Class Dojo after you have completed it. 



Worksheet for Monday 23rd (answers to be written in your workbooks please).