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Five Pits Trail Routes


Some fantastic information and pictures here about the history of the Five Pits Trail. Maybe you could walk part (or all!) of it and see if you can spot the locations of where the coal mines used to be?

Do you play a musical instrument?


Have a look at some of these old mining songs. If you can read musical notation, maybe you could learn to play some of them?

Environmental Impact of Mining


Read the information on the website and design your own persuasive poster to alert people to the impacts that mining can have on nature and our planet in general.



Maybe one of your relatives or close family friends used to work down the mines? You could interview them and hear all about what their working day was like. You could make a nice project out of this:


Task 1 - Write (and correctly punctuate!) all the questions you want to ask. Try to get a balance of open, closed and follow-up questions to get as much information as possible.


Task 2 - Present your interview as a script (names in the margin) and what has been said. Remember, you don't need speech marks for this.


Task 3 - Present all the information learned in a creative way of your choice - a PowerPoint presentation, an A5 sized booklet etc with facts and pictures.

Reading Comprehensions