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Welcome to the PTA section!
This page aims to provide you with information about our Parent Teacher Association. Park House Home & School Society is a registered charity and is actively involved in raising funds to support the school.

Who are the PTA and what do they do?
are a group of parents, guardians and carers that work together to host different events to raise funds. These include school discos, Easter, Christmas and Summer Fairs. The Summer Fair is open to the public and has loads of fun things for kids and grown-ups alike!

How can I support the PTA?
As our main volunteers are all working parents you can help in many ways!

  • Check the Baking Kitchen when an event is due to sign up to help set up, during the event or tidy up (or all 3!)
  • Join our WhatsApp chat to help contribute ideas, suggestions and assist with buying necessary items for events
    the form below, or message us using any of our social media accounts:
  • Help prepare for events by doing preparation jobs (such as folding raffle tickets, enquire at local businesses for prizes, etc)
  • Attend PTA meetings (usually once or twice a term)
  • Contact us if you have any suggestions for improving our current events or ideas for new ventures!

You can also help raise funds by doing your online shopping through Amazon Smile or easy fundraising and selecting to support Park House Home & School Society

iPhone / iPad link to easyfundraising:

Google Play link to


How do I contact the PTA?
You can email us on the form below, or message us using any of our social media accounts:


Contact the PTA

If you would like to contact the PTA, please send us your message/details and we will get back to you.

Thank you for attending the Easter Fair